The Arizona Trail

The Arizona Trail passes just 6 miles west of San Manuel where it crosses Webb Road. It stretches from Utah to Mexico and is 800 miles long. The trail brings adventure to hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians.

San Manuel is a designated gateway community of The Arizona Trail and has a public use airport just 6.8 miles from the trail.

To find the American Flag Trailhead go northwest from the gas station in San Manuel about 8/10 of a mile on Veterans Memorial Blvd and turn left onto Webb Road. Then go 6 miles and turn left onto Mount Lemmon Road. Proceed 6/10ths of a mile and make a right onto American Flag Ranch Road and in about 3/10ths of a mile you will see the portal. | San Manuel Info | Map | On Google Maps

Arizona Zipline Adventures

Just 10 miles west of San Manuel are zipline tours with 5 spans of 400′ to 1500′. Zipline tours are by reservation.

Their onsite Peppersauce Kitchen serves a choose your own build on burgers and a daily special. They have camping, a general store, gold panning, various events, an expansive porch area and short trails. Also, offers trips to Peppersauce Cave for wild cave tours by experienced guides.

Located at: 35406 S Mount Lemmon Road, Oracle, AZ 85623 | 520 308-9350 | Website | Events | Facebook | On Google Maps

Titan Power Rentals – UTV Rentals

Rent 2 and 4 seat UTV’s with immediate access to Mount Lemmon Road. Book online or by phone. No trailer or hauling required–just ride out after renting.

Titan Power Rentals at: 760 E American Ave. Oracle, AZ 85632 | 855 736-8494 | Website | Facebook

Biosphere 2

Biosphere 2 is a University of Arizona research facility for studying ecosystems and includes a rain forest. It was originally built as a sealed self-sustaining environment to research and develop space colonization technology. Guided tours are offered. Many areas of the complex are wheelchair accessible. The facility also hosts conferences.

Located 17 miles west of San Manuel on highway 77 at: 32540 S Biosphere Rd, Oracle, AZ 85739 | 520 621-4800 | Website | Facebook | On Google Maps

Peppersauce Cave

Peppersauce Cave is located 2.2 miles south of Peppersauce Campground on Mount Lemmon Road. You will see the road abruptly turn left there. A short distance up the wash is the cave’s sign. Past the sign is a path and climb to the cave entrance. It’s a primitive ‘at own risk’ site with no services. Cave Map (Facebook) | SkyAboveUs | Wikipedia Article | On Google Maps

Cave Tours – Arizona Zipline Adventures offers trips to Peppersauce Cave for wild caving tours with experienced guides to explore the natural caverns. They are at: 35406 S Mount Lemmon Road, Oracle, AZ 85623 | 520 308-9350 | Website

3D Archery Range

The range consists of 3 courses (14 targets/course). The entire course is approximately a 1.5 mile walk. Bow and arrow rentals available.

Located at the 3C Ranch at: 36033 S Mt Lemmon Rd, Oracle, AZ 85623 | 520 896-2372 | Webpage

Apache Sky Casino

Located 23 miles to the north on highway 77, the casino features a large variety of video slot machines and live blackjack. Full bar and food venues.

Located at: 777 Apache Sky Blvd. in Dudleyville, AZ. | 800 272–2438 | Website | Facebook | On Google Maps

Mountain Bike Rentals

Rent mountain bikes at the 3C Ranch on Mount Lemmon Rd south of the ziplines.

Located at: 36033 S Mt Lemmon Rd, Oracle, AZ 85623 | 520 896-2372 | Webpage

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