San Manuel is a popular hub for off-roading fun for UTV’s, ATV’s and dirt bikes. There is a large selection of trails throughout the area with scenic mountain views and saguaro desert. | AllTrails Map

In town, UTV’s can be rented or book guided tours from Peppersauce Motorsports & Rentals. And, night-ride events are hosted by them where you can bring your own machine or rent one from them.

Off-roading Events

The San Manuel Copper Classic off-road motorcycle race is held annually at San Manuel, Arizona. The ‘Restart Enduro’ race is hosted by Trail Riders of Southern Arizona (TRS). It is promoted by the Arizona Motorcycle Riders Association (AMRA) and is an American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) sanctioned event.

The Peppersauce UTV Fun Run is an adventure weekend of guided UTV trail rides, night ride, food, cornhole, raffles, quick draw poker and more held at San Manuel. Free dry camping.

Be aware that roads and washes can flood or flash flood from monsoons or other precipitation.
Some areas may require permits.